In the event there is a problem for any reason. Our staff will work with the customer to make sure it is corrected in a timely fashion. This includes goods damaged in shipping, improper installation of converter, other vehicle defects that contributed to the problem are all covered under this policy unless purposefully done. ‘“ In the event of a transmission failure A Transmissions Auto Parts will inspect, repair, or replace the purchased unit whichever is necessary. We are one of Nations leaders in the industry with a less than 5% failure rate statistically within the warranty period.


Please note that all Atransmission’™s transmissions or converters must be operated with a transmission cooling system that is in addition to the stock radiator-type cooler. Called an Aftermarket Auxiliary Transmission cooler.

Also, very important that the torque converter is installed properly and all the way onto the pump gear. If for any reason it isn’™t, the transmission will not move. Contact us for further information regarding proper installation of torque converter to ensure no damage to pump gear.

Our Transmission Supplier offers the following return and warranty policy:

Got all auto parts and its subsidiaries (Atransmissions.com), (Rebuilttransmissionsupply.com) warranties our product to be free from defects and workmanship for a period of up to 5 years and unlimited mileage.

Our policy is nationwide guarantee – anywhere in the intercontinental US should the transmission fail or have difficulty call into our office at (989)891-9212 and ask to speak to our warranty/technical department. We will repair or replace the product whichever is necessary. Warranty is for the Part only, doesn’t cover labor to repair or replace, or fluids, no storage fees, no rental reimbursement, no fluids or shipping fees.

Be prepared to answer certain questions related to the transmission such as check fluid level to make sure its full and no leaks. Check fluid condition to determine if it either appears burnt or smells burnt. If there is a check engine light have vehicle scanned and write down any codes. This will prepare you for a much quicker result pertaining to your claim.

Got all auto parts and its subsidiaries warranty is a PART ONLY WARRANTY. That specifically means we will cover the parts from the case within to repair the component, or provide a replacement product. We do not cover labor to Remove and Replace the transmission, diagnosis, no rental reimbursement, storage fees, Fluids, Shipping and handling. Specifically in the event of a failure customer should call into the office to start a warranty claim. Customer is responsible to pay the freight which averages around $180.00 each way. Our policy will ship you a replacement transmission you pay the shipping fees on most stocking units. Certain year specific or non-stock transmissions we may require to send into us for inspection and warranty replace.

There is no implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Atransmissions obligation under this warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of its products. There are no warranties that extend beyond the description on the face of this warranty. Atransmissions will not be responsible for incidental or consequential damages, property damage or personal damages to the extent permitted by law. If there is, by law, an implied warranty of merchantability and/or fitness, they are limited to the warranty term set forth above and start from the date of the original purchase.


In order to provide better customer service, we require prior approval before a customer returns merchandise for warranty or for other reasons. To obtain a Return Material Authorization (RMA), contact us. All merchandise returned to us should be sent freight prepaid, and delivered to the address listed here. Atransmissions is not liable for any taxes or duties associated with international shipments. Items returned for credit must be in perfect condition.

You must also include, inside the package, your name, address, phone number, fax and/or other contact information, along with an explanation of the problem and work to be done. This contact information is important because it allows us to get in touch with you concerning your parts.


Customer is entitled to refund on stocking units only.  Special order units are non-refundable unless there is evidence of a problem internally with the part. Customer has right to return product within 7 days and is entitled to full refund, less 30% restocking fee, upon successful return of product in its original condition.  No refund for missing items, misrepresentation of product.


Transmission warranty is not transferable unless prior authorization is granted and noted on your invoice.


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Except as noted, products in this catalog may not be legal for sale or use in pollution-controlled motor vehicles (pre-1966 domestic vehicles certified to California standards, pre-1968 domestic motor vehicles certified to federal standards.)